S Care

S Care

In a few words, what is S Care?

S Care is our associative project, launched in 2020, which helps the organizations that touch us. We donate a portion of our sales to develop the values of sharing and mutual aid that we hold dear.

“We’re not saving lives!”

How many times have you said this to yourself, in introspection?

We wish to give meaning to our work and thus translate our attachment to our values (Sharing and Mutual Aid) into reality by offering our time or a financial donation to various social actions.

Like a painter who donates a work of art at a charity sale to help finance associations, we allocate a small percentage of the turnover achieved with each client to the budget of our internal S Care project.

With us, everything is interdependent!

Our counterpart: “the well-being that comes with a smile, recovery, satiety, schooling in underprivileged areas, preservation of species.”

Poverty is a common name that has no colour, nationality, gender or religion, but it causes many ills and claims millions of victims. We will not change the world on our own, but we too wish to contribute to making it a better place.

Our S Care logo and its history:

Some would see a heart here, others a ribbon, and you would not be wrong as you are in the idea of what we are trying to represent through this logo: solidarity, mutual aid, support, love of one’s neighbour,…

For us, it is the “S” in our logo which, when folded, represents arms that comfort a person, the essence of S Care’s existence. It’s all about perspective from upstream to downstream, you see arms that surround and from downstream to upstream, a heart.

The purpose of this perspective, we want it to be unique for those who receive financial assistance, participation in an action on our part: a better living!

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