Who we are ?

History & ambition

Founded in 2018 by Christian Sodié – a former senior manager in consultancy who is passionate about the 360° vision and contact with people being a consultant produces – from day one, our firm has been positioned as an innovative player with a simple objective ‘to provide alternative consulting’ structured around three interconnected business hubs for finance departments in the industry & services sectors: operational support, project management and finance transformation.

Our ambition is thus to build a partnership with our clients, providing guidance over time, while placing the mutual satisfaction of successfully seeing through ever more complex projects at the centre of our approach.

To do this, we draw on an excellent understanding of our clients’ business and issues and a team of consultants at their service driven by high standards and respect for human values.

As social responsibility and societal action are profoundly anchored in our entrepreneurial approach, our firm is committed to and regularly participates in solidarity and humanitarian actions, as we believe that all companies have a role to play in the transformation of our society.

Finally, our approach to consulting is realised through the values that motivate us and the motto that unites us: #Surpassing Ourselves for You


Diversity & Meritocracy

Recruiting and promoting employees independently of their gender, religion, colour, career path or handicap, as only their expertise and life skills count for us.

Commitment & Efficiency

Being a consultant requires essential qualities of investment and efficiency to see our clients’ projects through, regardless of the challenges and difficulties encountered along the way.

Ethics & Transparency

Establishing a relationship of trust with our clients and consultants is an integral part of our business model, in discussions, in coordinating assignments and in handing over our work each day.

Mutual support & Sharing

Developing a sense of collaboration by supporting our consultants in carrying out their assignments and in building their careers by sharing our feedback. But it also means raising our employees’ awareness of their social responsibilities by inviting them to participate in charitable activities.

Some client references

We are still collaborating !

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