Our business hubs

Service lines, service offers, ... Why separate areas that are so interdependent on each other.

We help our clients through service hubs, which are operational support of strategic departments, implementation and management of their projects and reflection about and guidance in finance transformation thanks to sector-specific expertise:

And thanks to expertise in the key business lines of finance departments in these sectors:

  • Financial organisation
  • Contracting
  • Consolidation and reporting
  • Management control
  • Financial information systems
  • Digitalisation
  • Accounting
  • Information systems administration

Temporary reinforcement of teams to cope with a peak of activity at a long-term vacancy or backfilling!

We assist our clients by temporarily reinforcing their teams to deal with peaks in business, long-term leave or to backfill an in-house resource dedicated to a particular project.

Our team of consultants has significant experience acquired in companies or international firms.

Incorporating complementary skills and knowledge allows us to have a transversal approach to issues in information systems, consolidation and reporting, management control, compatibilities, etc.

Project management of our customers from the identification of their problems to the deployment of a solution

We manage our clients’ projects, from issue identification to the implementation of structured solutions to meet their challenges.

Our team of consultants has significant experience acquired in companies or international firms.

Its complementary skills and knowledge enable us to offer a governance mode appropriate to the context and an ability to get all stakeholders involved in a project and raise in-house teams’ awareness of changes.

Support in the study and the implementation of new models in a context of transformation of the finance function

We provide our clients with guidance in investigating and implementing new models in a context where finance transformation has become a priority for improving agility.

Our team of consultants has significant experience acquired in companies or international firms.

It possesses complementary skills and knowledge that allow us to address organisation and process optimisation, information system improvement, tool digitalisation and talent management issues.


Support for migration to a new historical data consolidation and retrieval system

Our client is one of Europe’s leading publishers and distributors of television channels and audio-visual content.

Under its financial transformation plan, the finance department wants to migrate from a “pure” statutory consolidation software to a unified application that will manage both statutory consolidated data and management data.

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